1964 Austin Mini Cooper S 1071

This S came to me in a very poor state. Having suffered from years of poor repairs and MOT patch work. It had also had some extra door locks fitted so holes needed welding up and probably a Webber carburettor at some point as the engine bay fire wall had been crudely cut out!

The owner a very nice retried Doctor has been using Minis for many years and collecting them. Unfortuantely he had reached an age so he could not take on the body work himself. So I was asked to restore the shell and put in on the subframes so he could then take on the mechanical rebuilt.

He had already bought a complete MK1 floor from M-Machine and collected a few genuine panels for the work.

The series of photos hope fully will guide you through the major shell restoration.

There were many more details I can not show such as new roof drip rails, under scuttles, RH tank brackets, door shut repaires etc

If you need or would like more information please contact me