Dean’s Cars

I am a Petrolhead. These are some of the cars I have owned, as well as tons of Minis!

You will obviously notice I have had a lot of BMWs which I love despite BMW making me change the business name – it was only business and not personal. I think BMW’s feel a bit like Minis in that you feel the road and they are quite positive in the way they drive, just like Minis.

The BMW M5 has always been a car I dreamt of owning but never thought I would; I was lucky that my business gave me the opportunity to have such cars. M5’s are awesome with supercar performance but much cheaper and generally more reliable, you can also transport the family in full comfort. Another one of my favourites is the Land Rover Discovery, Classic Ranger Rover, well any of the big Range Rovers.

For those of you who are thinking I have had a lot of cars that are NOT minis you are right, but I have and always will love Mini’s. I might not drive one as an everyday car, but I still spend more time with and around Minis than almost anyone reading this does. I work with them every day of the week; I drive different ones every day, so I have a job that embraces my passion for Minis.

These cars are not in date order of ownership, except for the first few. I can’t remember when I owned most of them as in the 1990s & 2000s, I went through quite a few.

If you want to know or ask any questions about any of these cars, please email me. You might even own some of them!

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