1971 Restored Mini Saloon

1971 Mini Restored BUT amazingly still very original

A new customer called us asking if we had any 70’s minis for sale either finished or needing a re-build. We had one in a stripped state and put it at the back of the work shop waiting for a time when it could be restored to original condition, so we mentioned it and a few calls later he decided to buy and have it restored.

The 1st two pictures show the mini as we got it, front subframe removed, engine in bits and several cardboard boxes of bits and trim

Once we looked more closely at the shell it only require a front wing repair and a new battery box to make the shell solid, the rest was amazingly solid including the outer sills floors etc. It did however require a complete re-spray.

Thankfully the buyer wanted to keep the mini as original as possible so all parts where cleaned and re-fitted. The engine and gearbox where repaired as necessary and re-built, all other items where stripped and clean and re-built nothing was to be replaced unless absolutely necessary. One item you may notice is the halogen headlights fitted for safety more than anything!

We managed to even find a good used single box silencer exhaust to add to its originality and sound!

The number plates and grille are even the original ones along with seats, door cards, dials, handles, door seals and many other items.

The rear subframe is even the original!!

I have to say it is a revelation to drive and is like a time warp to the 1970’s

The owner has now also asked us to restore a 1959 Mini to original condition and a 1971 MG Midget, not a mini we appreciate but we just could not resist it as this customer wants everything original and is very keen on detail – something we are very good at.

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