1993 Cooper SPi 1275 

Full Restoration of Shell, Reconditioned Engine.

The owner of this Mini wanted it restored to as near possible factory specification, which is always a great commission to get, since its restoration in its purest form.

It came to us with the engine/gearbox already removed along with glass & interior. So as you see in the 2nd photo, although it did have wings on which we have cut off.

The next few photos show the problems over sills cause, everything rots away as the over sill does not allow the box section to breath plus those who fit over sills seems to leave the old rusting original sill on! Which is sort of what over sills where a quick MOT failure repair – bish bash bosh done and out in a few hours, cheap and cheerful but MOT legal! We have never & would never fit over sills – they kill Minis!
Once the floors, outer & inner sills are all repaired & solid we move onto the rear boot floor, rear subframe mounts & valance/rear end.

Then its the front end & doors.  There are a few other areas of bodywork to sort before its onto full preparation & respray.

Then the big refit starts, we like to use all original parts where possible. Lots of the parts need a refurbishment which you will see in the following photos.