2000 Mini Cooper Sport

We have looked after the mechanics of this car since 2003. It was the owners first Mini and he bought it new from Rover.

About 2011 he decided to sell the Mini, so we dealt with a new mot & took it back to him. We suggested if he did not need the money then keep it in the corner of the garage & maybe one day in the future have it restored – AS ONCE ITS SOLD YOU WILL REGRET THAT DECISION.

In late 2014 he contacted us asking for a full restoration and that he was so pleased he never sold his Mini.
So work began in 2015 and was completed in 2017 when he drive away with the biggest smile you can imagine!!!

As we all know the MPi Minis are quite good mechanically and if looked after will service you well BUT and a big BUT the bodywork tends to suffer from corrosion more so than any other UK Mini and despite this one being well cared for its life outside had taken its toll.

Photos are sort of in order but please forgive me if one or two are not.

It is always a pleasure to restore a Mini to its factory specification be it a 1959 or a 2000