Why Dean’s Minis was formerly known as ‘Mr Mini’

Until September 2000 we traded as ‘Mr Mini’. We are a family run wholly independent business started by Dean Theobald. Dean first had a mini back in the 70’s and spent many hours changing engines, gearboxes, panels etc. He would help friends with their minis and became known as ‘Mr Mini’. The principle of ‘Mr Mini’ grew into its present day form as a business specialising in Minis.

We have been at our current premises since 2004 and now have workshops offering mechanical repairs, bodywork, new & used parts, conversions and almost anything to do with Minis.

On the 21st June 2000 we received a letter from solicitors acting for BMW.

The letter stated that BMW own the trademark ‘Mini’ and the 3D image of the Mini. They said that they must protect the good name of the ‘Mini’ and that we were trading under their name and must change our trading name, drop the original logo and change our trading style to comply with trademark laws.

They wanted us to sign an agreement drawn up by them to carry out these changes and pay their reasonable legal costs and damages!

It appears that legally they are correct and to comply with the law we have changed our trading name to Dean’s Minis, which is legal!

The ironic thing is because of passionate mini enthusiasts like you, and businesses like ours we together have kept the mini name going and made it the icon it is today. Which is probably why BMW wanted to buy it in the first place!

Remember they might own the name but they can never buy the spirit of the original Mini, that belongs to everyone. We would like to point out that we hold no grudge against BMW and wish BMW success with their new small car.