Restoration 1984 City

This Restoration was completed 2020

A lot of people would say chuck in a 1275, a set of discs & wider wheels NO NO NO!

For this Mini that would be a disgrace. This Mini is a fine example of an original unmodified Mini City & a fond family member so needs to be sympathetically restored so it looks as it did when the owners mother bought the Mini many years ago.

It was in fairly good condition when it came in due to a caring owner, it had only done just over 11000 miles. Had a repair many years ago to the left front corner after a minor bump. However as like all older cars time & lack of use takes its toll however hard we try to stop it.

This project is still ongoing in my workshop. The photos below show progress to date, photos not necessarily in order of work progress

Note the strips of off-cut roof lining found the rear pockets, must have been left there when in the factory. The things you find when you are the first person to dismantle a Mini!