LHD Restoration of Swedish SPi 1275

Major Restoration + Mechanical Overhaul with KAD suspension/brakes, SC Components Engine + Injection System

When you look at the first photo you will think at first this doesn’t look too bad !!

BUT look deeper & you will be shocked – the first tell tail sign is the smooth wing/scuttle joints – this in my experiance usually means rot underneath – were as many will think they just wanted a smooth finish – buy a modern car if you want no joints/seams!!

Look at the later photos & the horror becomes apparent. Over sillshad been fitted – see the damage they cause & cover up!

The shell was in a very bad way as pictures will show.

I have missed out quite a few stages as there were just to many photos but have a look & see how rotten this Mini was – mainly due to poor old repairs causing more rot

Once the shell was restored it was time for the rebuild – the owner decided to have the full works, KAD brakes, hubs, Radius arms & lots of DSN billet alloy parts. All new wiring looms, exhaust & the SC Components engine+gearbox with twin injection system plus new ECU to replace the standard SPi system. All these bepsoke parts meant a lot of fitting, taking off, adjsuting & refitting!!